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A pocket full of posies…spring 1951

I recently ran across an old Life magazine from April of 1951 with a story called “Ready-to-wear Flowers”. The short article told readers that designers have put “whole plots of artificial flowers” on their styles for the season. It gives the designer prices for the pieces, as well, but goes on to explain that women with the patienceg to sew on their own flowers can mimic the looks with clusters of ten-cent-store flowers at 29 cents a bunch. Thrifty!

This beautiful floral stole is made of white violets and sweet peas, sold by Flower Modes for $60. That’s about $523 when comparing via an inflation calculator.

This example is an oversized fabric rose an American copy of a French design. I could see a creative modern gal making something like this to accent her little black dresses.

This design would be an easy one to mimic, as well. These daffodil cuffs are accenting doeskin gloves (by Superb, $75 in 1951), copied from a Balmain design. Saying that the design is copied sort of floors me….I know it happens still, but designers today aren’t apt to say they copy something, even though I’ve had fellow sellers lay out side by side comparisons of items by modern names to whom they have sold.

Our final example is simple enough. A bouquet is attached to a full skirted apron to be worn as a “cocktail costume” with a black sheath dress. Basically, this is what you put on after the hard work is done in the kitchen. You won’t be wearing this when you’re frying chicken.
Maybe we can start a new craze with these ideas. Add some flowers to your wardrobe!