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Hatfeathers Vintage is your online source for great vintage!
We have been online since 2002, first on ebay, now almost entirely on this site. While we appreciate ebay for all ebay has done for those of us who want to bring vintage to the world, we do not necessarily agree with their current methods of business.
Thus, we choose to only list items there when they would not fit with the theme of this site. We are, however, quite proud of our well-earned reputation there, and invite you to see our feedback rating. Hatfeathers ebay feedback page.

If we do list on ebay, we will likely link it through our facebook page, so be sure to follow us there
Hatfeathers Vintage on Facebook.

Buying on HatfeathersVintage.com
How to Order
Click each gallery image for more information on the item.
At the top of each item’s page you will see an ADD TO CART button.
If you wish to purchase that item, please click to add it to your cart.
From the cart page you will have the option of continuing shopping (top left button), or purchasing.
The shipping cost defaults to the USA, so if you live there, please proceed to checkout. If you live elsewhere, please find your country on the drop down list (note, Canada is first..I don’t know why). Once you’ve found your country, click UPDATE SUBTOTAL. This will give you the shipping cost you will pay. You may then “proceed to checkout”. The site will take you to Paypal to purchase make your payment.
If you would like to buy multiple items, it’s as easy as filling your cart with the multiple items and following the above steps to check out. Occasionally a combined order will lead to a higher than necessary ship total. If this happens, I will refund any gross overages.

We will mark items with “on hold” if requested.
You will have one week to pay for a held item once the invoice has been sent. Items not paid for in that time will be returned to “on sale” status.

In the event that two emails are received about a single item, it will be first come first serve.

A word about vintage items
Vintage items are sold as is. Most vintage items are in used condition, and because of that, we will disclose any imperfections to you.
Some may need or have had repairs, some may need dry cleaning.
We do hand washing and laundering for all items that are washable, and send some things to the dry cleaner, and will disclose that in the item description.
If a vintage item is found with original tags, we will surely point this out. However, just because it has the tags doesn’t mean it won’t need a cleaning. These rare items have usually been in storage for several years-even decades-and should not be compared to items you can buy at the mall and wear in the same day. We may remove hang tags from such an item, clean, and reattach tags, if possible. Otherwise, the tags will be included and the cleaning noted.

We only sell items we would be willing to wear ourselves. We don’t carry items that are in bad shape, mangled or gross. Our items are clean or cleanable, free of smoke and pet hair.
Any stains will be noted, if they exist.
Any needed repairs will be noted, as well.


All sales are final, unless it is shown that we have misrepresented an item.

We do not refund for items not fitting. Please know your honest and true measurements, vanity is no excuse. We include several measurements for every item we sell. Compare these to a similarly constructed garment that fits you well…such as shoes to shoes or coat to coat. Consider also any undergarments you would wear, or clothing in the case of coats and jackets.
Don’t forget that you need to breathe and move in your clothing, so allowing some room for that is important.
Note, also, where the waist and hem fall on the item for sale in comparison to something you normally wear. Vintage items were often hand made for a particular wearer, and may not fall within modern standards of torso or skirt length.
Our measuring is done with the item hanging on a hanger.
Our standard set of measurements includes bust, waist, and hip, with the hip falling 7” below the waist of the garment. We also include the measurement of shoulder center to waist and hem. This will help you determine where a dress’s waist and hem lines will fall on your body. The measurements are taken with the item hanging as naturally as possible, in the hope that we can best portray the way the garment would hang on a body.
The sleeve measurements are given from the underarm to cuff, and the shoulder seam or transition, whichever is available.
The hem sweep is the measurement of the full width of a skirt’s hem, if it were laid out flat. This will show you the volume of a skirt, or the room you would have at the hem for your legs and movement. This is important if you want to know how much petticoat a 50’s circle skirt will allow, or how much “wiggle” will be required in a pencil skirt, or how much thigh room you would have in one of those late 60’s mini skirts.
If you need a specific measurement that has not been provided, please ask before purchasing.

We are understanding sellers, and pride ourselves on customer service. We are willing to work with customers on any questions they have about the items we sell.

COMBINED SHIPPING is usually available, unless an item is exceptionally large or heavy. Email with any questions about shipping.
We usually ship the day of or the day after a PayPal payment is made, or the next day the post office is open, in the case of Sundays and Holidays.
We usually use US Priority Mail for domestic packages, but can use other couriers at the buyer’s request.
We am happy to ship internationally, see INTERNATIONAL BUYERS section below.

Insurance is available to any US buyer upon request, and is at the buyer’s discretion. It is not automatically added to most items/packages. For those totaling over $100, we may choose to insure if the buyer does not.
Domestic rates are as follows, as determined by the US Postal service:
Fee . . . . . . . . . . Insurance Coverage
$1.70 ……………. $0.01 to $50
$2.15 ……………. $50.01 to $100
$2.60 ……………. $100.01 to $200
$4.60 ……………. $200.01 to $300
$5.55 ……………. $300.01 to $400

There are options for insurance on international packages. It will be the buyer’s discretion if those are used. We do not self-insure packages under $100.
All buyers assume the risk if insurance is not purchased.

Ship costs are based on the USPS price for shipping.

We love Paypal. It’s the fastest way to get your item sent to you. We do take checks and money orders as well from US buyers, information will be given along with invoicing if mailing a payment is requested.
Postal Money Orders (from the US Post office) are treated as cash, and will get your item shipped the day after it is received.
For checks or other money orders, I wait 7-10 days after receiving payment for the check to clear the bank. We make deposits of these payments within 24 hours of receiving them. Checks received on Saturday will be deposited Monday morning.
When you pay by PayPal, we will be notified by them and given your address. Your item will be in the mail the next day. Please make sure your address is correctly noted in your PayPal account. Incorrect addresses will result in delayed shipping, and a return of the item to us. We do not refund ship costs when incorrect addresses are given, or an item has gone unclaimed at the post office. We will contact you with your options in this case. Do not assume we will see an address change request if included in the notes section of Paypal. It is easy to add an address in Paypal for shipping, say to your office address instead of home. We are always available by email if something needs to be adjusted…but act quickly, as we ship quickly.

We are willing to ship worldwide.
No returns on international transactions.
All customs forms will be marked as “used vintage (item type)” with the amount of the winning/purchase price noted.
It is not a gift, it is a purchased item, stating otherwise is mail fraud.
You may be responsible for customs taxes and duties on your end in accordance to the laws of your country. Check with your local postmaster for details.

The vintage items we sell are one of a kind. We take great care to describe each item fully and accurately, and we guarantee that each vintage item is authentic to the era specified and not a modern reproduction, unless specified.
Returns are dealt with on a case by case basis. We are unable to accept returns unless an item is misrepresented. If you feel an item has been misrepresented, you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your item to let us know the nature of the problem.
Items are listed with several measurements for the garment itself (not the potential wearer) therefore we are unable to accept returns for sizing. Please refer to the measurements section above!!

Please wait to hear back from us with return instructions before shipping the item back to us. Items that are allowed to be returned must be post marked within 3 days of original receipt. Buyer pays for shipping and delivery confirmation to return an item. Item must be in the same or similar box, wrapped as it was shipped, and in the same condition as when shipped. Priority boxes are available for free at all US post offices. Upon inspection of the item and comparison with detailed photographs of the items on file, we will refund your purchase price including shipping.
Our inventory tagging MUST still be attached to the item. We cannot accept a return for any reason if our hangtag has been removed.

So, who is this Hatfeathers person anyway?
Hatfeathers Vintage is based in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, but sells throughout the world via the internet. Hatfeathers does not currently have a brick and mortar location.
Hatfeathers is run by me, Jenn, an admitted vintage-o-phile who loves helping vintage items find new homes with fellow vintage fanatics.

I have been in the vintage business for over 9 years, but have had the vintage bug for much longer.
As with many who start a collection, this vintage obsession can be traced back to a single piece.
For Hatfeathers Vintage, that piece is a simple flowered hat purchased as a costume piece for a photography project when in college. That single hat, shown to the left, started an obsession that has grown over the next 15+ years.
Hatfeathers grew from a hobby of selling a few items on ebay while my baby napped and played.
Online sales quickly became a way to contribute to the family budget while staying at home. Website-based sales were launched in the summer of ’07, as a way to break from ebay and to be able to offer more great vintage finds without passing rising ebay fees on to my customers.
Hatfeathers Vintage strives to offer great vintage at affordable prices, with necessary repairs made, clean, and ready to wear condition.

Who are the people in the pictures?
The buttons on our site are images from my family photo album.
These images are not only iconic of the styles of the time, but represent my fashion influences. I have used their images as homage to them.
On the Online Boutique page, you will see my dapper great-uncle Gene, the WW2 vet and always well-dressed lady’s man who represents my Housewares department, and my Grandpa Ikey, the wide-eyed sailor on the Menswear button…doesn’t he look cute in his uniform? His handsome brother Yopper and his lovely bride cuddle up on the 40’s button. My Mom’s cousin Carmelita is ready for the prom on the 50’s button. Aunt Kate, as my Great Aunt called her, sits sternly in her kitchen apron, and my Great Aunt Katherine holds my mother for the Stitch In Time section.
My Step-Grandmother is the teenage Irish beauty in the mid-1920’s, representing the Antiques department. The Perfect Pairings accessories department shows a most perfect pair there is, my Grandparents on my Father’s side, who are still married well past 60 years later!
My Mom gets three places of honor, representing the Tots to Teens department as a proper pre-teen, and then a perky high school senior in the late 1960’s. Then there is the 1970’s-1980’s department, where she ROCKS the purple pants suit! Go Mom!
Our Links page shows my step-Father’s Great Aunts, one of which looks so much like his sister that it’s weird!
Finally, the image for the Ladies department, which shows my beloved Grandma Ruth at age 16, in the image she said was how she always felt inside, no matter how old she was. Grandma is on the home page, as well, with her wedding pictures to Grandpa Ikey, and with her life-long girlfriends hamming it up for the camera. She strikes a sultry pose for the Unmentionables department, too…shh!
Ikey, Yopper, and a Navy buddy are casual and handsome on the Vintage Thoughts button.

The image that is my logo, my company icon, is of Ruth and Ikey, just after the war, out for a picnic at a local school playground. They set out that day with a camera and a radio, just to have fun and enjoy each others company. I’m sure they didn’t intend to take a picture that would represent so much to their granddaughter, but they did. The picture shows that care free, sweet “in love” feeling. Although I never got to know my Grandpa Ikey, Granny and I were quite close. I can hear her distinct laugh, and feel her love of having fun when I see that picture. I think that attitude is what I like to portray in my vintage sales, too. Sure, I do have a few fragile antiques, things to be admired but seldom touched, but for the most part, what I like to offer is fun vintage. I hope that people can buy things from me to wear and feel pretty in; to collect and enjoy; to use and get that warm, cozy, happy feeling that just comes from having something neat around.

About the images and graphics used on this site
All images, text, graphics and code used on this site is the exclusive property of J Schulte, Hatfeathers Vintage.