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And so it begins….winter in the city!

It’s a bit early for this, but here comes winter weather in Nebraska, and much of the rest of the USA. The weather is cold and the snow in on the way. So I wondered how well people fared in earlier times when weather radar wasn’t so reliable and snow plows a little less sophisticated.

These ladies seem to be prepared for the cold in their furs and finery. The streets are even cleared for horse and buggies.
Ladies In Snow

Pup takes center stage here as these ladies make the most of cold weather by doing a little skating.
1880s Sledding

High snow banks offer an opportunity for chivalry! Look how the snow piles in the dents of his fedora. I adore her head scarf protecting her perfectly waved and curled hair.

Overshoes and overcoats are the uniform of the masses in mid-century snows. Those tights must be thick, because those skirts look breezy!
Walking In Snow

Faster mommie! Tiny legs may have trouble navigating high snow drifts, but mom helps out with a sled pull. Don’t the gentlemen look sharp in their long coats and hats?
Sledding in NY

Snowy city streets won’t hinder these ladies, because they are armed with wonderful long coats and galoshes.
Shopping In Snow

The snow brings a certain quiet to the city. It makes the lights shine differently, and highlights tiny details you may have missed in warmer weather.
Man In Snow