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Another shared “classic” post…The Happy Housewife’s Soup

Since I am moving my blog over to my site from Blogger, I am going through some of my old posts to see if there are any gems. I enjoyed using this theme now and again, because I like sharing ways we can all embrace a little of the “old way” of doing things in our hectic modern lives.

I made a huge stock pot-full batch of this soup a few nights ago, resulting in an estimated 3-4 gallons of good-for-the-soul dinner! Aided by my 8 yr old sous chef, we calculated a sum total of about $8 for the whole pot of soup! A large Tupper-full has been put into the freezer, and will be pulled out in a few weeks. Until then, the leftovers will be lunch for me this week!

Budgets are getting tighter all around, so how about fixing up a big old kettle full of something to chase away the chill, feed the soul, cure what ails ‘ya, AND goes a long way? The Happy Housewife is proud to (attempt) to put into words her “famous chicken noodle soup”, as the little one calls it. Adapt it to your family’s preferences, adding more of this or less of that, until you have it just right. You can make a whole lot, as this keeps for a good week in the fridge, and also freezes pretty well. I like to fill a pretty big Tupperware with enough for 4 bowls, and stash it in the freezer. It makes a great evening’s meal a week or two later, and can be thawed pretty quickly by a few minutes in the microwave and the rest in a pot on the stove. Just add some grilled cheese sandwiches and all will be happy.

The Happy Housewife’s extra budget hint…watch for store specials on chicken breast and coupons for noodles, both can be kept in the freezer for a rainy day.

You will need:
A really big pot, stock pot if you intend to make a hefty batch
2-6 bone in (cheaper!) split chicken breasts, skin or no skin (for less fat)
4-12 carrots, depending on batch size and family preference, diced into 1/8” rounds, half those rounds it the carrots are particularly fat
4-8 celery stalks, diced into 1/8” thick pieces, halve if large
1/2 of a baseball sized onion, diced
2-3 garlic cloves, diced, or 2-3 spoonfuls of pre-diced jarred garlic, or a teaspoon of garlic powder
1/4-1/2 cup of lemon juice
1/8 to 1 teaspoon EACH of poultry seasoning, black pepper, seasoned salt
1/2 teaspoon of ground rosemary, or a tea infuser full of dried (the infuser allows you to pull the rosemary out after cooking, so there aren’t sticks in your soup)
2-4 Tablespoons of Kosher salt (start with less, add more if needed at the end)
16 or 24 oz bag of Reames (or store brand) frozen egg noodles

In your really big pot, put enough water to cover the chicken by an inch or two, add your spices and lemon juice. Start simmering over medium heat while you chop the veggies, adding as you go, starting with the onion and garlic, then carrots and celery. Simmer until the chicken is just cooked through. Pull the chicken out of the broth with tongs, but allow the soup to continue to simmer (never boil), add your frozen noodles at this time. Let the chicken cool a bit; splitting open the pieces will speed this along.

Once you can handle the chicken, separate the meat from the skin and bone, and dice it, dumping back into the soup as you go. Put the carcass-bits in the bag from the frozen noodles, to reuse the bag and keep them hidden from kitty in the trash. I’m just saying…!

Check the taste, and add more spices or salt if necessary for desired taste. Serve….serve…and serve again!