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Holy Wow It’s Hot Outside!

It’s finally full blown summer here in the midwest, which means I’ll be hiding inside in the afternoons, grateful that we’re in the age of air conditioning! Even the great old Victorian homes, designed to take full advantage of cross breezes, wouldn’t be tolerable in this heat. Viva air conditioning!

Can you imagine trying to entertain when it’s 100 degrees in your kitchen? Yuk.
AC company

Oh air conditioner….My barkcloth drapes frame you nicely.

Sleeping, it was impossible before, but now, we can crank that baby up until our toes freeze off!
(that was before anyone cared about energy efficiency)
AC Ice

No more storing your favorite furs over the summer, heck no! Nothing says ready for an August picnic like a fur stole, opera gloves, and a long gown.
ac fur

Prepare your arguments for court, mister lawyer, and your air conditioned papers will help you keep a cool head in court.
AC Buisnessman

Most importantly, this summer won’t stop you from wearing your best ball gown! Oh no! Tulle and fluff is just what the day calls for, so bring it on!
AC ballgown