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In the mood for home cooking?

*not my actual grandma….a stunt grandma..but really similar!

I’m trying to learn to cook like my fore-mothers did. Real ingredients, no artificial crap, made from scratch with love…you know the drill. I have a particular fondness for biscuits. It’s because of my Great Grandma. I can still picture her in her dinky little mobile home, sun streaming in from the kitchen window, flour dust in the air, hands wiped on a floursack apron. She made biscuits every day…I doubt she ever bought bread.
When I would visit with my father, she would have him doing chores, but I got to sit around watching cartoons and listen to her clanking around in the kitchen. She made a perfect roast, veggies, and biscuits every time. She had a bowl full of dough in her fridge at all times…just added a handful of this and that as needed.
I have tried and tried to make good biscuits, but they will never taste like those did. We’re lucky if they’re edible. Maybe some day I’ll get the hang of it.

Here’s the recipe I’ve had the most luck with…from Alton Brown (adapted from his Ma Mae’s recipe)