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Let’s overanalyze a picture!

In this episode of “Let’s Overanalyze a Picture” I chose good old Uncle Eugene. Always a lady’s man, he is frequently pictured in Granny’s photobooks in nice to stylish clothes…with the exception of his WW2 pics, which are, of course, uniformed. Even then he always looked confident, and a little ornery. OK, a lot ornery. He was a joker, for sure.
In this pic, we see Eugene dressed to the nines. I’m not sure where he was heading, but he was doing it in style.

Let’s start with the hat…a classic wide brimmed fedora with a grosgrain ribbon.
Wish I could see the colors of this outfit!
The wide lapel on his suit jacket is dotted with a pin, could it be one that I found in his stuff? His crisp white/light shirt is paired with a dark tie; seems to be a minimal pattern there. French cuffs on the shirt have cufflinks; maybe they match the lapel pin. His left hand shows a ring, although he was never married. It is likely a heavy ring, as I found several in a jewelry box of his.
The pant legs show a crisp crease line and cuffed hem, typical of mens suits at the time. Then there are the socks. Whimsical argyle socks. I just love the socks!
Add it all up and pair it with his dashing good looks and fun attitude, and you have a great example of the modern late 40s man.

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