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Let’s overanalyze a picture!

Photographs are a great way to learn about daily life, and I’m lucky enough to have a lot of them from my family. My Grandmother, who is featured on many of the link buttons on this site, was very good about putting at minimum a date on the back. Often there are names as well. I’ll be showing more pics from my inherited collection in the future, but first, let’s overanalyze this one!

My great uncle worked at Brown Shoe Company for most of his career, after returning home from military service. He started here in Moberly MO and eventually transferred to a plant in Arkansas. You know the phrase “made in the USA”? Well, here’s some of the gals who did just that.

These lovely ladies worked in a factory setting in 1961, very unlikely to have air conditioning, and were likely to get dirty, so their choice of fabric is good old washable cotton. The majority of them are wearing shirtwaists, also known as day dresses. There are a few separates worn, as seen by the three gals on the front row. There are prints galore, including plaids and florals. Check out the cat eye glasses on three of the gals, and the great head wrap on the lady at the center.
My favorite has to be the second from the left of the standing women. Check out the offset buttons and the offset solid fabric behind, plus at the cuffs. Oh, and I like the plaid one at front center, too!