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Love for the Dress Set

I don’t get to dress up very often. Though I’m surrounded by pretty dresses, prom gowns, fur stoles, and dress gloves most every day, my normal outfits skew more towards jeans and cotton tops, with a few trusty cardigans and baggy sweaters thrown in for the cold months. When I get an opportunity to dress nice, sometimes it’s a struggle to get an entire look together, from dress to outerwear. Sure I’ve got a few pretty dresses, but then what to pair it with to keep out the chill? Surely not that trusty sweatshirt-jacket I scoop snow and make grocery runs in!
This quandary gives me a certain love for the matched set. Not necessarily a suit, though I do admire those, too. I’m talking about the dress and matching coat. I recently added two of these sets for sale on the site, which is what brings the topic to mind.

This wedding-worthy dress by Lillie Rubin, in pearl and gold paisley jacquard:

and this wonderful wiggle dress and clutch coat dress set.
Likely home-sewn, but no less fetching than the designer look above.

How about this matching wool dress and coat set from the 70s?

Or a sparkling dress set from 1962, complete with glove-length sleeves?

A cozy little crop jacket and skirt set from the fall of 1958…
Aug 1958 Life

…or perhaps this winter white cape and dress from Dior in 1956?
Dec 1956 Dior Life

Even the fabulous Josephine Baker was known to wear a dress and matching coat and hat in the 1920s.
Josephine Baker

I’d get in line for any one of these vintage 50s dress sets, as shown in Life magazine in the 50s….
Life 50s Dress Suits

…and to round out this love for the dress set, we have a ray of sunshine in this yellow dress, and coat set, smartly paired with black gloves and a polkadot hat of both colors!