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Movie set fashion….A League of Their Own

One of my favorite movies is A League of Their Own. It came out in 1992, but was set in 1943. The boys were off to war and baseball had lost most of its players to the service. Not wanting to see professional baseball die, young ladies were recruited to play exhibition games. The story follows the players for the Rockford Peaches, and more specifically, sisters Dottie and Kit.

Dottie and Kit are farm girls. They are shown in side closure jeans and simple tops as they head from a ball game to the farm for chores. Younger sister Kit has a nautical themed pant with wide legs

Later that evening we see the girls discussing the offer to play pro-ball in the family kitchen. We get to see more of the great casual wear, plus a printed tablecloth and awesome Hoosier cabinet. Kitchens didn’t have cabinets like we do today, and they certainly weren’t air conditioned. The girls’ lightweight tops would have been common for around-the-house wear.

Here Dottie and Kit watch another girl’s tryout. Their clothing is dressier, simple and summer weight…but they are out in public, a hat is expected, no matter the season.

Girls who have made it to one of the four teams are sent to charm school for poise and behavior lessons. Yes, this really happened. Some of our modern ball players could benefit from such classes. (scratch, spit)
We get some great shots of summertime separates, simple skirts and light blouses, and some great shoes!

Uh Oh, the bus has pulled over…what’s that we see? Dottie (Geena Davis) is wearing a silk sheer blouse with a simple embroidered cardigan. Doris (Rosie O’Donnell) is wearing a chocolate plaid wool jacket. It looks a lot like a precurser to the Pendleton 49er jacket, which was quite popular in the late 40s (hence the name). I couldn’t quite tell if this was one, but if it was, there was a costume oops! Swell simple wool jacket, though.

The girls stop at church to pray for a good game.

One of the players, Shirley, can’t read. Who better to teach her than All-The-Way-May (Madonna). Who cares if it’s a smutty paperback, she’s reading! We see the style difference between Shirley, a simple farm girl in what looks like a feedsack dress, and May, a Brooklyn girl in a rayon print dress.

Some of the girls sneak out for a night of dancing. There are some fun fashions in this scene, most look right for the year.

Kit gets a kiss. A rayon print dress surely helped!

There are several crowd shots with lots of boys in uniform, ladies in cotton and rayon print dresses and fashionable hats, and men in summer suits with great ties, or in trousers and casual shirts.

So many fedoras….

Leaving the game, some fashion, but that awesome bus!

Time to do some confessing at church. May is in a simple top and skirt combo with a wonderful print scarf over her hair. Why can’t I look like that with a scarf on my head?

The girls spend a lot of time traveling on the bus. Here Dottie is wearing a sheer blouse and a silver brooch, paired with an A-line skirt, shown just before she sits. Coach Jimmie Dugan (Tom Hanks) is wearing a casual button down cotton shirt.

A stray ball is returned to Dottie by a fashionable gal who shows she could play as good as the Peaches. We get a clue to the racial issues of the time, as she and her companions are watching from the fence row and not the stands.

The sisters argue…Kit in a skirt and almost-a-Tshirt pullover, Dottie wears side button jeans again, with a purple silk blouse. We see yet another awesome hairstyle with a scarf. This is pre-scrunchy, so scarves had to pull hair taming duties and not just be frilly accents.

Betty Spaghetti gets bad news via telegram. Not a fashion note, but historical. A lot of wives got these notices.

Dottie is wearing an embroidered bias cut silk nightgown. No special reason…

Dottie in a smart suit and saddle shoes for a long drive. The asymmetrical hat is great in this scene, but I couldn’t catch a shot of it.

Leaving the game, the girls would be clean and presentable. Here Dottie has a yellow sheer blouse and matching swoopy wide brim hat. Her husband Bob (Bill Pullman) is handsome in uniform.

The movie ends with a fast forward to 1988, and the opening of the Women In Baseball exhibit at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. We get a mix of fact and fiction with several of the actual players from the AAGPBL (All American Girls Pro Baseball League) as extras. The movie ends with a ballgame in the background, with the original players having a game.