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Oh Coffee…

How I wish this were true, and that I could still sleep afterwards.
My Dad has told me coffee stories about both of my great grandparents. Great Grandma liked a little coffee with her sugar. I can relate to that!
Great Grandpa was a little different. See, they lived on the family farm, and had dairy cows back then. One of the kids had the chore of milking the cows before school, so there was always fresh milk on the table. When fresh squeezed milk sits for a while, it separates, and the delish fatty stuff floats right to the top, much like me in a swimming pool. Great Grandpa would skim a big glob of that super fatty cream right off the top and blop it into a cup of dark black coffee. Then he’d go work the fields, tend the animals, and all of the stuff that a farmer in the 50s would do. He was thin as a rail despite that fatty cream, real bacon, eggs, real butter, and other wonderful foods. So, see, coffee is good for you!