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On the subject of sizing…introducing a new feature to the site!

There’s a new feature on the site, one that I’d been thinking of adding for a while. A customer inquiry lit the fire to finally get it done…well, to bribe the Mr. to do it for me. He’s tech support in this endeavor.
Behold! The glory that is the newest feature for the site! Sort by sizing!
(There! In the circle at the end of the arrow)

I’ve always noted an approximate size in my titles for clothing items, but this allows the viewer to filter out the itty bitty, or the not so itty bitty, or just see the in-between stuff. You can choose more than one topic by checking the boxes you wish to see. You’ll find it on each of the era-specific pages. Accessories on the womenswear and menswear pages drop off when sorting by size, as they are one size fits all.
Pretty cool, eh?
It’s also a good time to review how I come up with these measurements. From the About Us page, my measuring icon, showing the basics of every item. Though it varies just a bit for menswear, the idea is the same.

When assigning a sizing letter (S, M, L) to a garment, I use this chart. Of course, just as every body varies, so does every dress. That is why an item might have more than one letter assigned. It may have been custom made for a busty gal with a slim waist, or some other variation.
As I always say, measurements are best for judging fit.
Size Chart

But which size is BEST?!?

There isn’t a best, silly! People have been trying to change what their mama gave ‘em since people began. Whether it’s ceremonial tattoos or a bone through a caveman’s nose, to the grapefruit diet, Fen-Fen, and 24 Hour Fitness franchises. It’s a rare few who are happy with their size.
Sure, I see more small sizes than plus in the vintage acquisitions and dispersal game, people are just bigger now. Even men’s hats large enough to fit a modern noggin are hard to find. I don’t think you can blame cranium size on fast food.

Shapewear 2

There were “plus size” girls in the 50s. They were called “chubbies”.
Say What!? Yeah. I know.
My size was “husky” in the 80s. I wasn’t that much bigger than the other girls, even at a foot taller.
Lane Bryant Chubbies

Got a little extra, fashion has a way to fix that! Modern Spanx-type items do have something over the boning, gadgets, snaps, and lacing of girdles and corsets, though…and it’s all right to wear them, if you want to!

Apparently, there was a time when you could be TOO THIN! Curves were the rage, and as actress Eva Six tells us, skinny is easy to fix with this hospital tested product. We should listen to her, she was in three movies!
Eva Six

Of course, we know better now, that curbing your appetite with a Lucky Strike cigarette probably isn’t the way to go if you want to be healthy.
Smokers Diet

She can’t make it up the stairs without gasping, but she sure is thin!
Lucky Strike Diet

What’s the point of it all? I don’t know…
Be healthy, move around, know yourself and what looks best on you. Order your vintage to fit your measurements..remember to allow for eating, breathing, and moving, and enjoy wearing classic items!