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The 40s, 30s, 20s, Victorian and Edwardian Eras

This page is for our oldest items, from the 40s and before. These items are becoming harder to find as they get closer to the “antique” designation.

We have wartime looks from the 40s era that saw shorter, slimmer skirts and more independent women than ever before. The classic feedsack shirtwaist or day dress can be found, as well as tailored, chic styles and big band-swing inspired looks. The gentlemen get the best ties from this era, as bold patterns and colors were a gas!

The glamour and femininity of the 30s shows in every delicate piece. Here you’ll find classic designs such as Art Deco inspiration.

The 20s gives us the flapper era looks, as well as conservative looks still in place from the Edwardian period. Victorian pieces are true antiques to be treasured.