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MCM Vintage 60s Gold Metal Bent Rod Tripod Plant Stand with Ball Feet


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Lift your plants up in mid century style!
This fun vintage plant stand is made of three bent rods with metal ball feet.
The holder is squared at the bottom, then flares out towards the top.

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No marks

Gold toned metal

Good, surface scratches from use. Pock marks and a small bit of surface rust, as shown. Welds are in good shape and secure.

17.25″ tall
Feet are 10.25″ apart, measured outside to outside
5.5″ between rods at the bottom of the part the pot sits on
7.5″ between rods at the top of the part the pot sits on

Pot shown in the photo is 22″ around/6.75″ diagonal, and is just a bit too big (not included, just for reference, standard greenhouse potted plant)

Inventory Code: 4194