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Flapper Era Vintage 20s Pink Maternity or Plus Sized Corset Girdle XL XXL


This lovely piece of vintage fashion is from the 1920’s era. It is a rare larger size when fully closed and laced, and allows for adjustment outward as needed. It is designed as a maternity corset, but could also be worn by a plus sized gal.

In the 20’s this would have been worn in the early stages of pregnancy to keep with fashion and to hold up stockings, just as a regular corset or girdle would. As the lady in waiting grew outward, so would this corset, allowing for adjustment with a lacing panel at each side. As her pregnancy progressed, the piece would move from being a utilitarian undergarment to becoming one to support the back. Any lady who has carried a baby can attest to the need for back support! An elasticized panel at each side of the busk would allow room for baby to move and expand, as well.

The piece is baby pink with pink accents. The top is adorned with an embossed ribbon. The four stocking holders are pink webbed material. They have silver-toned metal hardware. Boning runs along the back and side lacing holes and behind the busk, as well as at the side of the elasticized panel. Two rows of double boning run between the side and back lacing panel.




Cotton, ribbon, elasticized panels

Metal closures up front, large hook at bottom
metal and rubber garters, metal ringed eyes


No holes or tears. Elastic is still stretchy, all eyelets and hardware appear strong. There is some light surface dirt here and there from storage and time. A small, very light area of yellowing next to one of the side laces blends well. There is a pinhead sized rust dot near that location, as well.
The original laces are gone. The corset is shown using modern satin ribbons, great for display. Corset laces can be found if you choose to give this a more authentic look, or for wear.
It has been in storage for some time, and although it does not have odors, and is not dirty, a cleaning is recommended before wearing.

The sizes adjust with the lace-up panels on either side, so this will fit a range of bodies.
It was tried on a live model who wears a modern size 18/20 (US), and fit with all laces fully closed.
13.5” top to bottom along back lacing panel
12” top to bottom along front busk
Top of corset 41” fully closed
Bottom of corset at large hook 47” fully closed
Each of the lace-up side panels will open 4.25”, adding up to 8.5” total to the above measurements. The size can be further expanded by loosening the back lacing.

Inventory Code: 2279