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Vintage 30s Jet Black Seal Dyed Coney Long Fur Coat S M


This coat is lush and divine in style and simplicity. It is real coney fur, which is a fancy term for rabbit, dyed and treated to look like the seal fur coats that were so popular in its day. The cut is simple but structured, with well defined shoulders and a small roll over collar.

The coat closes with an exquisite large button at the belly, as shown. It feels like Bakelite, but without removing, I cannot confirm. It is quite thick and deeply etched with a deco design. Above this button, hidden under the roll over collar, is an identically styled smaller button. The collar can be turned up if needed.

There are two hand-sized felt lined pockets at the front, hidden in the lines of the garment. Inside there is a small zipper topped picket with chain and ring pull. A hanky-sized pocket is hidden in the lining at the edge of the right side of the coat, right next to the loop for the button.

The long sleeves end with curved-in cuffs to keep out the cold.

I have shown this with a wide chunky bead necklace and vintage dress, not included.


Anzac Seal
Prime Quality Dyed Coney

Real rabbit (coney) fur dyed to look like seal, satin lining

Large button and loop at front belly, smaller matching button and loop at upper chest under the collar, metal zipper pocket inside

Very Good
The fur for the sleeves is sewn in strips, and thus has several thicker areas of seaming that can be felt when squeezed. Other than the thickness of this and some of the other seams, the coat is supple and light. The hides are pliable.
There is one area at the back of the neck that feels like their either was a repair or tiling in of pelts. It is not noticeable without a proper fondling, though.

This coat has been in storage for some time, and although it does not have odors, and is not dirty, a dry-cleaning is at the buyer’s discretion. I give all my furs a light vacuuming
and time in cold storage before listing.
For being well into 70 years old, this coat is in amazing shape!


The measurements are as follows. Measurements are of the garment, not the potential wearer, so please compare these measurements to your best fitting similarly styled garment to ensure a good fit. Don’t forget to allow room for movement and comfort. Please consider the bulk of your clothing when judging the size of a coat or jacket.
41” shoulder center to hem
About 15” across the shoulders at the back
Cuff opening is 8” around
Sleeve length is 17.5” from underarm to end, 22” from shoulder seam to end
Bust 40”
Waist 43”

Inventory Code: 2932