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Vintage 40s 50s Pink Iris Floral Print Rectangle Tablecloth


This lovely vintage tablecloth has a beautiful floral print. Multi-toned pink irises and green foliage are heavy along the rectangular shape of the white tablecloth. The outside of the design is a straight edge. The design extends into the center, leaving a wide area at the middle solid white.
The selvedge edge borders the long sides, with a rolled hem at the short ones.
There are some condition issues, as noted below. This is still usable as a tablecloth, perhaps for a picnic table or where you don’t want to risk your best cloths.

California Hand Prints



Fair to Good
The rolled hem edge on both ends is frayed and a bit tattered. Someone handy might be able to cut this off and re-hem, or use the printed areas for repurposing. The piece is overall a little thin, as shown, but it still has some life and use left in it.
A few light, small stains may be found if the cloth is held to bright light, but your average dinner guest will not likely notice them.
It has been freshly laundered.


58.5” x 73”

Cross-listing in the fabric category, as the damage may make this a candidate for reworking and repurposing.

Inventory Code: 2722