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Vintage 60s White Cotton Embroidered Ruffle Petticoat S M


This vintage petticoat half slip is wonderful for wearing under your vintage skirts to add a little volume. It is a simple one layer cotton-feel white petticoat has three bands of ever-increasing volume. The top and middle band are separated by a row of embroidery. The bottom band is heavily embroidered at the bottom, with some scattered overall. The edge is scalloped and bound with embroidery.


Wonder Maid style 4850 A

No indication which of these is the fabric and which is the elastic or threads.
From tag:
45% Dacron Polyester
30% Nylon
25% Cotton


Very Good
No holes or tears. One stain, as shown, just below the top tow of embroidery. It will likely respond to treatment with a bleach pen at wash time. It is so well hidden in the folds that I did not see it until under the photo lights.
The elastic isn’t as peppy as it may have been at one time, but it does still stretch fine. A fresh piece could be set in by your seamstress if you wanted to make the waist smaller.
It has been freshly laundered.

The measurements are as follows. Measurements are of the garment, not the potential wearer, so please compare these measurements to your best fitting similarly styled garment to ensure a good fit. Don’t forget to allow room for movement and comfort.
24″ waist to hem
Waist 26″-34″”
Hip 40″, 1″ above top row of embroidery
95″ inner hem

Inventory Code: 3594