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Spring Shopping in the Early 60s

It’s a divine spring day here in middle America! It gives one the urge to spring clean, spruce up, and consider her wardrobe for the warmer weather. Let’s do a little spring thinking, but in the mind of the early 1960s gal.


Full skirts are delightful for spring, with a sleeveless bodice with low cut neckline for comfort in warmer temps.

Soft colors and happy patterns are a delightfully fun way to put a spring in your step. Lightweight cotton fabrics are easy to care for, too!

The modern gal may want to mix it up sometimes, adding shorts and peddle pushers to her play time wardrobe. Don’t forget to accessorize with a smart sun hat and sunglasses.
spring sets

There’s no more classic pattern than the polkadot. A full swishy skirt with a fitted top is quite figure flattering.

Mix and match skirts and tops to create your own spring look. Soft patterns and novelty prints are a great way to express the happiness in the air.