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Summer Vacation!

Well….that was a fast summer. Only a couple of weeks until school starts here, and we’ll be back on the day to day schedule of packed lunches and homework. This got me thinking of summer vacations.

I found these shots from 1929, taken in Colorado. Can you imagine driving mountain roads in a Model T?

Pausing for a family photo is a must! It’s a bit hard to see, but the lady on the left is wearing a very stylish flapper-era-inspired dress, with a drop waist and loose fit.

Going to Coney Island on your vacation? Get a candy apple and stop for a photo opportunity!

In the 50s families really hit the road, and if you were travelling far, you would probably stay at one of the many roadside motels that dotted the country.

Here’s my grandpa in front of a motel in Chenoa Illinois.
Ike Chenoa ILL Aug 61

Of course, if you were visiting family and friends, you would dress nicely. Here’s Granny in the early 50s, dressed in a fine shirtwaist dress and smart wedge sandals. Her friend Dora is wearing a sheer pinstriped dress with cute collar and neck tie. Under the dress, I see hints of a lace trimmed slip, and smart sandals, too!

Before you leave for the drive home, be sure to snap a photo in front of the car. Even if the kid doesn’t want to.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas circa 1976, be sure to see that Tom Jones fella. Granny is showing another smart travel outfit, this time in polyester knit!